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This tutorial : How to installation CFS (Infus System) to Epson C110

Review HP Laser 1006

Given the number of all-in-one printers and color specialist on the market, you might wonder why it is still necessary for monochrome printers at home or office. Well, sometimes it is a matter of budget, but there are enough customers who are relatively modest printing needs, and most of them are standard documents and perhaps some envelopes.

This is the “small market horizon that HP has tried its P1006 laser printer. It is small and compact (347 x 224 x 194 mm) and not put on the back to a mere 4.7 kg. Simply because it is small does not mean it can not be too elegant, so HP has given the current cool chic silver and black beauty.

An initial surprise when you turn the machine on the packaging is that there is no physical implementation manual, you must use your own judgement about which bands and labels must be removed in any order. This will be boring for newcomers as you will find instructions on the installation CD by HP or its website.

However, implementation is relatively simple, with a drop-down paper tray at the front which holds 150 sheets of A4 and a fixed 10-sheet multipurpose tray above it which is designed to hold media (including envelopes, labels, postcards and vellum). The printer cartridge slides in effort at the top and there is a simple On / Off button at the front and a Cancel button on top. Apart from the USB 2.0 port and power of entry to the rear, this is your lot.

Working at a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, the P1006 features at a reasonable speed of 266MHz processor, use 8 MB of memory and has a high (city) print speed of 16ppm, with the first page emerging about 9 seconds. There is no double-sided, so you have to turn the sheets around manually if you want double-sided printing and, as recommended page monthly volume varies from a mere 250 to 1500, which n That is clearly not the printer to use if you have large documents to be produced on a regular basis.

In terms of quality, different font sizes and types appeared with crisp, clear detail and there was no rupture of relatively complex charts and diagrams. As you’d expect, the results were significantly better than any comparable price inkjet printer and printing noise around average for a machine this size and weight - that is to say quite acceptable. It might be good to keep in mind if you’re attracted by this printer for only a little more, the model P1500 provides network connection.

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How to reset epson C-110, this video tutorial for reset waste ink pad counter

How to Reset Epson C-90 : Video Tutorial

This for you all Friends in the World. I make video tutorial. Maybe can help you to reset Epson C-90.

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